Is Chris Brown Slut-Shaming Rihanna In His Unreleased “I’m Still” Verse? Sure Sounds That Way!

Carl Williott | October 16, 2013 10:59 am

Chris Brown did another thing that wasn’t a classy thing and now we have to alert you to that thing. DJ Khaled recently dropped his track “I’m Still” featuring Ace Hood, Wiz Khalifa and Wale, with Breezy on the hook. It turns out Brown wanted to get in on the rhyming, and he recorded his own rap which was apparently cut from the track. But now the unreleased verse has surfaced online. It’s filled with a bunch of boilerplate boasts and an irksome line about passing your girl to his homies so they can run train because “she been a ho”…ick. But that’s not the most distasteful part.

The line that will stand out, if you can catch it during his growling verse, is the one that seems to slut-shame ex-girlfriend Rihanna: “Every nigga in the industry done fucked my bitch/ And all my niggas said I told ya.” Of course, this very may well be about someone else (still not cool). But gee, it sure is strange for a rapper to admit that his girlfriend is sleeping around, isn’t it? Unless, ya know, that girlfriend was a public figure who has been romantically linked to a few other famous rappers and, thus, said admission serves as a diss. (In Brown’s defense, the verse was ultimately scrapped and not meant to be public. Should’ve known better than to defend him. Turns out Brown posted the verse: Complex captured the tweets.)

Hear the rap below.

[via VIBE]