Celine Dion Unveils New Song “Somebody Loves Somebody”: Listen

Sam Lansky | October 17, 2013 1:30 pm

Powerhouse warbler Celine Dion is gearing up for a big comeback with her new album Loved Me Back To Life, due out November 5 — and the French-Canadian chanteuse has built considerable hype already by teasing collaborations with Ne-Yo and Sia (on the excellent title track).

The latest song to surface from Celine’s new sessions, though, is probably my favorite yet: Delicate strings give way to a crashing snare beat and a chorus that simply soars; unsurprisingly, of course, she demolishes the vocal performance. 

Penned by Audra Mae, known for her work as Avicii‘s go-to hook girl, and produced by Swedish trio Play Production (you know them best for their work on Ashley Tisdale‘s “Erase and Rewind,” or at least I hope you do), “Somebody Loves Somebody” bodes better than ever for Dion’s upcoming LP.

Listen below.