Here’s Why TLC Didn’t Want To Record “…Baby One More Time”

Sam Lansky | October 18, 2013 9:00 am

It’s pop music lore that songwriters Max Martin and Rami offered a song called “Hit Me Baby One More Time” to TLC way back in 1998; when they passed, the song ended up going to Britney Spears, launching her into pop superstardom. But the remaining members of the group, T-Boz and Chilli, explained in a new interview with MTV News (while promoting their upcoming VH1 biopic) that it wasn’t that they didn’t like the song — they just had some issues with the message.

“I was like, I like the song but do I think it’s a hit? Do I think it’s TLC? I’m not saying ‘hit me baby.’ No disrespect to Britney,” T-Boz explained. “It’s good for her. But was I going to say ‘hit me baby one more time’? Hell no!”

And that’s that. Watch them explain it up top.

[via MTV News]