Lady Gaga & R. Kelly Nailed It On “Do What U Want”: Listen

Carl Williott | October 21, 2013 5:37 am

Lady Gaga premiered her R. Kelly duet, “Do What U Want,” and it turns out the buzz single is just as bodacious as the booty on the cover. Built on a gummy synth line and pristine drum machines snaps, the arrangement is like a more muscular take on Drake‘s “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” with Gaga at her sexiest and throwing some serious stank into her delivery throughout. Kells turns out the second verse about escaping the fame with the Marilyn to his president, before unleashing what is probably the most triumphant “fuuuuuck” ever sung. Then the pop vets join up on the second refrain, putting on a clinic in pop passion. All in all, it’s a pretty flawless piece of R&B.

It’s not all sultry flirts, though. The ARTPOP tracks sneaks in a message about not letting anything affect your mind/emotions, a sexed up “sticks and stones” lesson. It’s a clever trick, and yet without any high-art posing and cheeky provocation, “Do What U Want” is perhaps Gaga’s purest pop song.

Hear the duet below.

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