Lady Gaga’s “Swine” Hits The Web: Listen

Carl Williott | October 24, 2013 7:55 am

Another Lady Gaga track appears to have made its way online — this time, the apparent finished version of “Swine” emerged. Most fans will recognize the track from Gaga’s debut of the song during her iTunes Festival set in September. That rendition was particularly wild, and the studio version is even more schizophrenic and rave-ready.

It’s a sonic onslaught of synth washes, a ground-churning bass line, jittery keyboards, hiccuping vocal samples and crescendos leading to drops in all the expected places. But amidst the EDM overload, Gaga manages to humanize things with one of her raspier, rawer vocal performances. And, for a dubstep song, it’s got a remarkably huge “Swiiine” refrain hidden in there.

Hear the bombastic track below.

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