Dido’s “NYC”: Hear Her New ‘Greatest Hits’ Track

Sam Lansky | October 24, 2013 12:05 pm

Dido is releasing her first greatest hits compilation on November 25, and it’s mostly old favorites comprising the tracklist — but it wouldn’t be complete without a random new song chucked in for good measure, which is pretty standard fare for a best-of collection. The good news is that Dido’s latest offering is actually super great — nicely on trend, emotionally driven and a little spooky. Why couldn’t her last album have sounded more like this?

“NYC” has some of the beat-driven sensibility of her best songs (like “Sand In My Shoes”), but here, those beats sound more ’90s-influenced than overtly trancey. “I won’t be home until I’ve walked every street in New York,” she sings over a charging electronic track. There’s a nice dissonance to the instrumentation; while it’s not as catchy as her best songs, it’s still a worthwhile entry into her catalogue.

Listen below.