Celine Dion’s “Incredible”: Watch A Behind-The-Scenes Clip Of Her Duet With Ne-Yo

Christina Lee | October 26, 2013 9:00 am

Celine Dion recorded just two duets for her new album Loved Me Back to Life. In a behind-the-scenes clip released today (October 26), she previews one that features writing and vocals by R&B star Ne-Yo. And throughout, neither the singers nor producer Eman can stop repeating the title — “Incredible” — to describe the end results.

At the start, Dion asks Ne-Yo for pointers, particularly on pronunciation. “‘Let’s give them something amazing,'” she sings to him, quoting a lyric. “You don’t say ‘something.'”

“Yeah, it’s ‘summin’,'” Ne-Yo says. “It’s not even something I do on purpose. My lips are so big that they get in the way.” (Celine, charming as always: “Well, sometimes we wish to have lips like yours, so it’s okay.”) 

What’s most endearing, though, may be Ne-Yo closes his eyes and takes in how Dion tackles her share of the duet, on her own. And in the process, the clip reveals the “Incredible” production to be incredibly minimal, the sort of restraint necessary to allow these two big voices to shine.

Loved Me Back to Life, also featuring a duet with Stevie Wonder, is out November 5 in select countries. Watch the making-of clip of “Incredible” up top, then check out the album’s other release dates at Dion’s official website.