Geri Halliwell Embraces Diversity In Eye-Popping “Half Of Me” Video: Watch

Mike Wass | October 28, 2013 2:10 pm

Geri Halliwell made an unexpectedly great return to the music scene last week with DNA-produced pop anthem “Half Of Me”. The song definitely taps into Spice nostalgia but it’s cute, catchy and current enough to stand on its own — which is more than can be said of the terrible visual.

Low budget videos are part and parcel of the modern music industry but surely Geri can do better than this? The still stunning 41-year-old looks great and salvages the situation to a certain extent through sheer charisma but parading around gays and lesbians to make a diluted statement about diversity is tired and borderline offensive. Only watch up top if you have a high tolerance for second hand embarrassment.

What was Geri thinking? Speculate in the comments below.