Lady Gaga’s “Mary Jane Holland”: Hear A Two-Minute Preview

Carl Williott | October 29, 2013 5:44 am

We’re in the home stretch for the November 11 release of ARTPOP, and Lady Gaga is putting on the full court press. Last night (October 28), she released yet another teaser, this time a 2:16 clip of “Mary Jane Holland.” As you can probably guess, the song is an ode to the Netherlands’ stoner-friendly culture, but it appears to be a track more fit for a rave than a pot brownie chill sesh.

As with “Venus,” “Mary Jane Holland” has hooks on hooks on hooks — so once again, it’s a lot to absorb in one listen, especially when those choruses and melodies are stacked on top of such flashy poptronica sonics. The refrain finds Gaga cooing, “I think I could be fine / If I could be Mary Jane Holland tonight / I think we’d have a good time / If you’d meet me, Mary Jane in Holland tonight.” And then (this might sound crazy), but the “Mary!…Jane!…Holland!” post-chorus reminds me of Japandroids‘ beer-soaked chants. After that, there’s a breakdown which sounds like hair metal interpreted through synths (i.e. Justice) and it’s totally boss.

Hear the lengthy preview below.

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