Kelly Rowland Talks ‘X Factor’ & Simon Cowell’s Diva Antics On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: Watch

Sam Lansky | October 29, 2013 1:27 pm

Kelly Rowland is back in the judges’ seat on The X Factor (although she’s on the US version this time, rather than the British one!), and she’s doing a little press to plug the upcoming season (which hasn’t received much buzz, frankly, so she’s making the right moves). First and foremost: She does not discuss when she’s releasing another single, which is deeply frustrating. That said! She does share some mostly enjoyable trivia about what it’s been like filming The X Factor, particularly the interpersonal dynamics: “It’s three women up there, but Simon [Cowell] is the biggest diva,” she says. No surprise there, although the protracted discussion on the condition of his nipples does take one aback.

As for the differences between judging on this side of the pond versus the other? “We have all the crazies,” Rowland says. “Seems like all the crazies wanna be in America. They wanna come up there and not know the song. They wanna come up there and sound like they’re howling and calling for cats.” Sounds about right.

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