Tyler, The Creator Unleashes Well-Deserved Twitter Rant Against Will.i.am

Sam Lansky | October 29, 2013 2:41 pm

Tyler, The Creator, a rapper who is talented, funny and quite likable despite his indefensible and infuriating insistence on using homophobic slurs, went on a wild and wonderful Twitter rampage against execrable pop-rapper, producer, and frequent ruiner of good songs Will.i.am today. This is annoying because it’s difficult to know exactly where to stand: Will seems like a pretty good guy, but his music is completely abhorrent, and Tyler is genuinely very talented but doesn’t know how to behave himself. Still, I’m on Team Tyler here, especially since he’s basically right, and also quite funny about it.

Specifically, his beef seems to be that Will.i.am told Tyler at some point that he would have to “make a decision on what to do to survive” (regarding a necessary sacrifice of his artistic integrity). Fortunately for Tyler, he still has a tennis court in his backyard.

See the tweets below.

[via ONTD]