Kelly Clarkson Talks Getting Married, Writing “Angry & Depressing” Music: Listen

Sam Lansky | October 30, 2013 10:56 am

Kelly Clarkson — or is it Kelly Blackstock now? Nobody knows — is in Las Vegas today, shooting her holiday musical-comedy spectacular, Kelly Clarkson’s (Cautionary) Christmas Tale (k), which airs in mid-December. All that holiday bustling aside, though, she gave a little phone call to her old friend Ryan Seacrest (remember how once upon a time neither Kelly Clarkson and Ryan Seacrest were famous and they were on a TV show called American Idol together? Super weird) to talk about her recent nuptials and a whole lot of Christmas-y stuff. It’s still October? Who cares! It’s never too early for some Clarkson cheer.

She explained that the upbeat charm of her holiday LP Wrapped In Red was a pleasant change from her usual writing style: “That’s what was so awesome about writing Christmas stuff because really all my stuff is depressing or angry.” At this, Seacrest protested, but Clarkson conceded, “Sometimes it’s depressing or angry or all about empowerment, and you get to be a little bit cheesy with the Christmas stuff.”

Out of the originals on the album, she also revealed that lead single “Underneath The Tree” is her favorite (same here!): “It’s a fun song. You feel like you can go shopping and have hot cocoa and all that stuff.” She’s also a fan of artificial trees, citing her canine housemates as a good reason not to go green: “I got four dogs, y’all,” she said. “I can’t be having a real tree in my house.”

And given that this is, after all, Kelly Clarkson that we’re talking about, she also discussed her emotional elopement with now-husband Brandon Blackstock. “I bawled like a freaking baby,” she said. “We made up our own vows. One of our friends told us we should do [that], and I was like, ‘Okay,’ and then it was the worst idea because I could barely even get them out. If I’d had to have done that in front of a bunch of people, I would have vomited.”

Oh, Kelly. Never change. Listen to her full interview below.