Taylor Swift Joins Ed Sheeran To Perform “Everything Has Changed”: Watch

Christina Lee | November 2, 2013 8:57 am

Ed Sheeran surprised concertgoers when he welcomed Taylor Swift to his November 1 concert at Madison Square Garden — kind of. When he paused to reflect on his year as the opening act for Swift’s Red tour, he stood next to two mic stands. One mic was wrapped in a red bandanna. By the time he finished introducing Swift, people already started screaming in anticipation.

They knew exactly what was coming: Swift and Sheeran’s threadbare Red duet “Everything Has Changed.” Funnily enough, Sheeran had prefaced the performance to say that they were playing the song as it was originally written, with just their guitars and a drum. It ends up being hard to hear remarkable differences between this live performance and the studio version, but as live footage (above) shows, the crowd sang along loud enough to show that any rendition of “Everything Has Changed” is more than fine.

Watch the performance up top.

[via MTV]