Lady Gaga & Manager Troy Carter Reportedly Part Ways Over “Creative Differences”

Carl Williott | November 5, 2013 7:15 am

Lady Gaga has split with her longtime manager Troy Carter, according to Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter. One source claims they parted ways over “creative differences” and another told THR Carter now feels “liberated.”

Carter, who had represented Gaga since she first launched her career with Interscope in 2007, depicted their working relationship as a balance between art and economics. He claimed that Gaga made 95 percent of the creative decisions, while he handled 95 percent of the business issues. “She was very specific about her vision, all of the music was there, and all she needed was someone to help her translate it to the rest of the world, which is where I came in,” Carter said of his first meeting with the singer.

Neither party’s representatives have commented on the reports yet.

[via Billboard]