The Wanted’s ‘Word Of Mouth’: Review Revue

Robbie Daw | November 5, 2013 9:53 am

For American fans of The Wanted, it’s been an eternal wait for the British-Irish boy band’s debut album, Word Of Mouth (out today, November 5). The lads first hit the upper reaches of the Billboard Hot 100 waaaaaayyyy back in early 2011 with “Glad You Came.” Since then, various singles (“Chasing The Sun,” “I Found You,” “Walks Like Rihanna”) have failed to capture that same exciting lightning in a bottle on the US charts.

So how will Word Of Mouth fare, now that it’s finally out? The band and their label are likely hoping the album lives up to its title. Reviewers, however, have other ideas for where this whole thing is heading. Jump below to catch our roundup of the web’s critical opinion of The Wanted’s first stateside LP.

:: USA Today dismisses the album with this: “Its third full-length album is its first stateside, after a string of singles with diminishing returns. So while ‘Show Me Love (America)’ isn’t a plea, it might as well be.”

:: Sugarscape hasn’t quite made their mind up yet: “This one’s a bit of a mixed bag…and we’re sort of working out if that’s a good or bad thing.”

:: Digital Spy is not impressed: “…The Wanted have already proven their Top 10 competency as well as their ability to be pop chameleons and switch up their sound every now and then. However, aside from the singles, Word of Mouth has little else to offer.”

:: Renowned For Sound warns, “The album gets off to an underwhelming start. ‘We Own The Night’ doesn’t get you pumped up as it should; it sounds like you should be winding down before anything even starts. This does not bode well for the rest of the album.”

:: The Music is way harsh: “…there’s everything from pathetic Coldplay-goes-to-Ibiza faux anthemia on ‘We Own The Night’ to ‘Walks Like Rihanna’s sexual objectification of women. Does Rihanna have a profoundly famous walk? How exactly does one transform the perfunctory task of walking into one imitating Rihanna? ‘I Found You’ is a rare gem of falsetto perfection, but floats in a sea of cheap beats, reeking of the desperate stench of second-tier pop.”

:: Finally, Virgin Media gives this damning summary: “It’s pop for pre-teens, for the easily impressed, and for those who are too credulous to know any better. The bland leading the bland. Inevitably, it will do incredibly well.”

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