Miley Cyrus Finds Love On Future’s “Real And True”: Hear The Pretty Ballad

Carl Williott | November 5, 2013 10:05 am

We already know Miley Cyrus will star as a naked alien in the video for Future‘s “Real And True,” and now we can hear the full effort — a downbeat love ballad with rap’s reigning alien showing his bleeding, bleating heart as Miley and Mr. Hudson sing the hook. The Mike WiLL Made It-produced track has a gooey, undulating beat that seems like it’ll fit well with the video’s outer space environs, and Cyrus cuts through the murk on the chorus: “When the sun dies and the stars fade from view/ Our love will remain real and true/ Through the distance and cold depths of space/ The radio sings our song/ It’s a love real and true.”

Miley also gets her own verse, then harmonizes with Hudson on the ensuing refrains, all as Future’s robo-warbling ping-pongs in the background. Hear the pretty song below.

[via MTV Buzzworthy]