Bonnie Anderson Teases DNA-Produced Debut Single “Raise The Bar”: Listen

Mike Wass | November 5, 2013 5:26 pm

Bonnie Anderson won the first season of Australia’s Got Talent way back in 2007 but is only getting around to releasing her debut single now. Why the wait? Well, the budding diva was only 12 when she nabbed the title and had some living to do before hitting the studio!

Produced by DNA, the talented teen sounds all grown up on “Raise The Bar” (I’m pretty sure the title is a euphemism). It’s a sparkling dance-pop anthem that starts off all jittery and mid-tempo before exploding in the chorus. “Boy you’ve got the mojo but it’s hidden behind your ego, do you always have to put on such a big show?” she asks validly before putting her man in check.

I’m really excited to hear the full version when it drops on November 8. Last year Bonnie recorded another, ultimately unreleased track called “Break The Ice” (not a Britney Spears cover) that still sounds absolutely amazing. I hope this is as good. Listen to a preview of “Raise The Bar” after the jump.

Are you excited to hear the finished version? Let us know in the comments below.