Miley Cyrus Sparked Up A Joint On Stage At MTV EMAs: Watch

Carl Williott | November 11, 2013 5:54 am

The 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards took place last night (November 10) in Amsterdam, and Miley Cyrus used it as yet another platform to prove that, gee whiz you guys, she is just such a big rebel. A real wild child. Cyrus took home Best Video for “Wrecking Ball,” and as she accepted her award she brought her purse on stage with her. Well that’s odd, you’re probably thinking. But don’t worry, it was a prop in her comedy act. A regular Carrot Top, this gal. So she brought her purse on stage and “joked” about how the EMA trophy won’t fit in there, but you know what does fit in there is a JOINT! So then she whipped out a joint from her purse and lit it up and smoked it onstage. Quite frankly it would’ve been a lot funnier if she had some cartoonishly huge Cheech & Chong-type joint that actually didn’t fit in her purse.

So, the good thing is, that was the only real Miley antic of the night. She mercifully toned down her performances of “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” so really the only thing we’re left to talk about is the fact that she smoked a marijuana cigarette in a country where smoking marijuana cigarettes is widely accepted, and even celebrated. And also, Lady Gaga already did it. Good job everybody.

Other things of note that happened at this year’s EMAs: Eminem took home the Global Icon Award and made an Anchorman joke in the process (very timely compared to most of his pop culture references) and Katy Perry was propositioned by Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad. Watch Miley’s pair of performances and more highlights below.