Ariana Grande Takes On Wham!’s “Last Christmas”: Hear The Hip-Hop Cover

Carl Williott | November 19, 2013 8:22 am

Ariana Grande is the latest to cover Wham!‘s goopier-than-egg-nog “Last Christmas,” which was released nearly a decade before Grande was born. The track is the first in a series of holiday songs Grande will release each Tuesday up until Christmas. This one was produced by Babyface (!) and The Rascals, who’ve obliterated the Casio keyboards of the original, giving this rendition a snappy pop-trap beat with horn blasts and background “ay, ay” chants during the chorus. (Those sleigh bells survived the makeover, though!)

Grande even added her own update to the lyrics — “I hate that I remember / I wish I could forget / What you did last December / You left my heart a mess/ Boy, you blew it / How could you do it” — so it’ll be a little harder to sing along. But that just means you can spend more time listening to those flawless vocals: her falsetto near the end could almost be mistaken for the strings, and that key change!

Hear the track below.

[via MTV]

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