Lady Gaga Teases ‘ARTPOP’ Sequel: Watch Her Talk ‘Act II’

Carl Williott | November 19, 2013 12:29 pm

Lady Gaga sat down with MSN to talk about ARTPOP, its meaning and the accompanying app, but the most interesting nugget came when she nonchalantly teased the album’s sequel. When asked if she’ll be performing ARTPOP in sequence on tour, she replied, “Once I start to get the story together [for the live show], I’ll figure out if I’m gonna keep it in order or not. And by then, as well, I might have Act II out from the album, and it might be nice to play both acts on the tour.”

Of course, we already knew this might be a possibility. Last October, Gaga revealed that she was thinking about releasing the album in two parts: a commercial volume and an experimental one. However, here she denied that volume two would be more avant-garde. “In the beginning I was thinking of splitting the album up into two parts based on what I thought was more pop and what I thought was more art,” Gaga said. “But this was during the inception of the record and I wasn’t even quite sure what ‘artpop’ meant yet.” (To be honest, we’re still not entirely sure what it means… even after her great BBC interview.)

Unfortunately, Mother Monster didn’t reveal anything else about the second installment, but it seems pretty likely that she’s plotting a Justin Timberlake-style second release (hopefully her sequel won’t also lead to tepid reviews and murder fantasies).

Watch Gaga’s full interview below or over here (talk of Act II begins at 6:55).

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