Lance Bass Announces Solo Music Project, New Single “Walking On Air”

Sam Lansky | November 20, 2013 3:43 pm

While Justin Timberlake is tired of living for the applause (plause plause), his former NSYNC cohort Lance Bass is just getting started: The singer announced that he’s readying a solo musical effort of his own by way of an Instagram photo of himself hitting the studio.

Bass, who abandoned music after the dissolution of NSYNC to focus on other efforts (like going to space and being a red carpet host, I think?), says that more details will follow soon, but there’s some kind of complicated thing involving listeners in different countries being able to pick the featured artist on the song? Or something? I’m not sure, exactly. If you can figure out what they’re talking about, please explain it to me in the comments.

As the executive producer of the project explained: “The first release of the song with Anise K, who is from Australia, Bella Blue from the USA and featuring Snoop Dogg, was in Australia several months ago and has topped charts and even expanded beyond Australia, in places like Russia to become a number one song because the power of the Internet. This gave me the idea after several countries invited Anise for Live performance and asked if local artist could perform the song with him.” K. I read that quote, like, probably five times and had no idea what it means. But onward!

This much is clear: The song is called “Walking On Air” (sorry, Katy) and it will drop in the first week of January, so there’s that. Get excited.

[via E! Online]