M.I.A. Brings “Y.A.L.A.” To ‘Colbert’ & Tells The Host She’s Never Seen The Show: Watch

Carl Williott | November 21, 2013 8:10 am

M.I.A. is in the midst of a media blitz for Matangi, and her appearance last night (November 20) on The Colbert Report was perhaps the most fun one yet. M.I.A. is, quite frankly, cool as fuck, but during “Y.A.L.A.” here, she looked even cooler than usual. Really, who else can perform with hands in pockets and still be utterly engaging? And that was all before the red-and-green filter kicked in, recreating the effect used on the album’s cover. (She employed a similar trick with her “Bring The Noize” video, releasing a gold version).

Before that, she sat down for an interview with host Stephen Colbert, where he joked about her insistence on bringing politics into pop music (“Why can’t you just sing about lovely lady lumps?”). The singer/rapper made a great point about the overblown outrage she faces when she does this thing that artists have been doing for decades. “I was really inspired by a lot of American artists like Bob Dylan, Public Enemy,” she said. “So about the time I put out my first song and came to America, I thought you guys were used to it already. I didn’t realize it was so shocking.”

Watch “Y.A.L.A.” up top, and head below for the interview, where she also admits she’s never seen the show, and a Web-only performance of “Come Walk With Me.”