‘Glee’ Recap: Everyone Moves On With The Aid Of Billy Joel Songs In “Movin’ Out”

Lisa Timmons | November 22, 2013 5:24 am

It’s all about finding a career path this week on Glee. The musical theme is the catalogue of singer/songwriter, Billy Joel, and the students of McKinley High find themselves facing decisions that will affect the rest of the school year and, for some, what their future vocation will be. Oh, yeah — and supermodel/reality television mogul Tyra Banks is this week’s guest star. It’s worth watching solely to see her deliver the fiercest of tiger eyes.

Will walks right into the middle of the first annual career fair at McKinley High and immediately complains to Sue that there are no booths for careers in the arts. She tells him that it’s because there are no jobs in the arts, which prompts him to make a beeline to the rehearsal room for a song. He talks frankly to the Glee kids about the harsh reality of the job market, specifically for careers in entertainment, and announces this week’s assignment: Billy Joel week. Will argues that Joel’s struggle to succeed should be their inspiration.

Because Blaine and Sam will be leaving early for auditions at NYADA and Hunter College, respectively, they kick off a rendition of “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” at school and end with a playful journey on NYC public transit that ends at Kurt, Rachel and Santana’s apartment.

Back at the career fair, Artie spots Becky in a beekeeper outfit and talks to her about college scholarship opportunities for disabled students, but Sue intercepts him, annoyed that he’s trying to convince her to stop being her secretary. Typical Sue Sylvester threats ensue.

Marley opens her locker to find it overflowing with “I’m sorry I cheated on you with a Cheerio” roses from Jake, who apologizes but to no avail because Marley is having none of it.

Kurt forces Blaine to rehearse his audition for the Spotlight Diner customers. Blaine reluctantly sits at the piano and performs “Piano Man,” receiving an eruption of applause at the end of it.

Artie is insistent and returns to talk to Becky with brochures about college programs, but she the tells him to simply “butt out.”

Jake lifts weights dejectedly in the gym, launching into a weight training routine to the tune of “My Life,” which he sings, complete with aerials and sexy dancing with girls in the shower. We get the idea that if Marley’s not taking him back, he’s going back to his life as a ladies’ man.

Sam decisively blows his meeting with the dean of admissions at Hunter college, ending the interview with innocent-yet-racist undertones. After the interview, Rachel serves Sam dinner in the loft and he admits he doesn’t actually want to go to college. Rather, he wants to be a male model. Rachel is encouraging and tells him they should do a photo shoot for him to build a portfolio. No time to waste!

Artie serenades Becky with Billy Joel’s “Honesty” in a last ditch effort to get her to pursue college. Becky misinterprets this to mean that he’s in love with her, but Artie explain that he wants her to be honest about wanting to go to college. They hug. It’s a real moment. In the cafeteria, Marley talks to her mom about Jake. They joke around about how her virginity is still intact. It too is a truly heartwarming moment.

Rachel has already set things up for Sam and the shoot is on, complete with a professional photographer. Showing some skin, Rachel helps lube Sam’s pecs up and it looks like a little spark might be forming between these two.

Sue summons Artie to her office, where she threatens him for talking to Becky about college. Artie tells Sue she has to let Becky go and that he’s taking her on a tour of the University of Cinncinati for a tour. We see the softer side of Sue as she is clearly being very protective of her beloved Beckretary.

Ryder asks Marley out, giving her the hard sell. She says she’ll think about it, prompting Ryder to sing “An Innocent Man.” The ends with Marley agreeing to go on a date with him and Jake storming off, presumably to do some angry flirting.

Kurt preps Blaine for his audition for NYADA, but Blaine admits he might want to be a doctor so he’s thinking about other schools. Kurt gives him a pep talk and encourages Blaine to be confident in his musical talents. They hug.

At the University of Cincinnati, Artie and Becky get the grand tour and she quickly makes friends.

Meanwhile, Sam is at the House of Bichette on a modeling go-see. Tyra Banks is the head of the esteemed modeling agency and looks stunning with blunt bangs and super smoky eye makeup. She gives him the lay of the land in terms of the world of male modeling, letting Sam know just how tough of a life it will be. Bottom line: she likes his “trout lips,” but thinks he needs to lose 10 pounds.

The roommates all gather to sing “Just The Way You Are” to convince Sam not to try and change himself to fit in at Bichette, but to find another modeling agency. Again, there’s some definitely sexual tension brewing between Rachel and Sam.

Sue and Becky chat and Becky admits she had a great time on her tour. Despite reservations, Sue encourages her minion to follow her college dreams.

In the hall, Ryder excitedly shows Marley that he’s posted a photo of them on Instagram after their first date. Jake ambushes them, wanting to know if they are getting serious and is upset when Ryder claims they are. Jake takes off to chat up some hot ladies and Marley cautions Ryder that she needs things to slow down between them.

In the end, we see that Sue has relented and set up a booth at the career fair for the arts. Blaine and Sam return from New York and the whole gang ends up singing “You May Be Right.” All in all, everyone seems to be preparing for the end of the life at McKinley and branching out into the world on their own special paths.

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