Watch Eminem Perform “Stan” With A Live Band

Carl Williott | November 22, 2013 11:15 am

With The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and his accompanying media appearances, Eminem has explicitly and implicitly revisited the themes and stories from his 2000 masterpiece The Marshall Mathers LP. Today, we get to see him bring it full circle, performing that album’s game-changer, “Stan,” for BBC Radio 1.

Rocking that trademark bleached dome, Slim Shady was accompanied by a full band (the rain sound effects were there, too) for a soulful take on the smash. It was great! But then it just stops! For some reason, the song wraps up before Stan’s freakout and Em’s response, so we’re left hugely unsatisfied despite the new arrangement.

Still, it’s worth a watch up top.

[via Hip Hop N More]

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