Charli XCX Teases New Album, Out In June (Hopefully)

Sam Lansky | December 2, 2013 7:07 am

For whatever reason, it doesn’t feel like Charli XCX‘s debut LP True Romance dropped in 2013 (probably because she spent so many years prior to that releasing lots of amazing songs), but indeed it did — and the pop siren isn’t wasting any time as she gears up for the release of her sophomore set, which she says may be out as soon as June. (It may take longer than that, but it may not.)

As she explained on Facebook: “‘SuperLove’ is definitely the most pop song I’ve written so far for the second record. I’m seeing all the songs as the colour red. It’s much more live. The songs are about sex, passion and anger. It’s a very feminine record.” (Note to Charli: Calling your album Red is not recommended.)

Asked by a fan what kind of animal the album would be if it were an animal and not, in fact, an album, she said it would be a female lion. (That is, a lioness.) That’s nice and illuminating, right?

In related news, this is still pretty great:

[via Popjustice]