Syron Gets Sexy In “Colour Me In” Video: Watch

Carl Williott | December 2, 2013 12:10 pm

While we were drowning in a sea of gravy and cheap scotch over Thanksgiving weekend, it looks like Syron was studying up on Rihanna‘s recent style choices, as the British about-to-pop singer unleashed a new video and new ‘do.

From the first few seconds of her “Colour Me In” video, it’s clear this is a revamped Syron we’re dealing with — she’s ditched her around-the-way girl style for something edgier, all legs and ink. But while she’s rocking a rock look in the BretonLabs-directed visual, the music is still smooth and pulsating, hitting her house sweet spot at the chorus. It’s not as immediately hooky as her prior tracks, but it may very well be her most hypnotic song yet.

Watch the video up top. 

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