Little Daylight’s “Overdose”: Watch The Brooklyn Electro-Pop Trio’s Trippy Video

Carl Williott | December 4, 2013 8:50 am

Stomping drums, springy synths, a singalong chorus — it’s a tried and true formula these days, but with “Overdose,” Little Daylight have managed to make it sound fresh. The Brooklyn newcomers have crafted one of those straightforward pop songs that is just immediately pleasing and catchy, a song that you don’t even realize you’re singing along with by the end. And that is mainly because the track’s hooky refrain leads into an addictive, chanting post-chorus that’s tangled up in noodly synths, with these melodies shrouding a deceptively layered arrangement.

For the video, colorful CGI globs float around and bodies flit across the screen amidst psychedelic collages. There’s a lot to process — luckily, we have director Campbell Hooper to explain: “I wanted to create these scenes where the characters’ inner physiological space becomes manifested outside of their bodies… That’s why the forms themselves have this fluid, organic character — like body organ’s extending outside the body. It’s a mind, released from logic, in a flight of fantasy.” <<< What he said.

Check out the video up top, and keep an eye out for the trio’s debut on Capitol Records next year.

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