Jordin Sparks Talks Album Delay, Label Woes & New Material: Watch

Sam Lansky | December 12, 2013 9:26 am

At this point in the music industry, where there’s more transparency than ever about how egregiously labels mismanage their talent, is there anything more satisfying than seeing an artist drop the act and throw their record label under the bus? No. No, there isn’t.

That’s what was so refreshing about an interview Jordin Sparks just did with HuffPostLive, where she talked openly (albeit diplomatically!) about her frustrations with being unable to release her music. “It’s been almost five years, though!” she said with a sigh of exasperation. Per the host’s question — “How long does it take to release an album?” she exclaimed, “Thank you! Ask them,” and motioned offscreen, presumably to her label reps. “How long does it take?”

Admittedly, she didn’t entirely pop off, and hinted that she may be moving in another direction if things don’t change soon — “I think I have a really amazing door that just opened up with hopefully being able to get an album out working with a person I really trust, and getting it out on my own,” she said (somewhat opaquely, although my suspicion is that she means Salaam Remi and releasing it independently).

But she played pretty nice, all things considered. “They’ve done so many amazing things for me, so I don’t want this to come off like, I hate them, because I don’t,” she said. “It’s just — I’m a little bit frustrated because I really want to put this music out for my fans, and it’s really good.”

Your move, RCA.

[via Popdust]

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