Best Music 2013: Idolator Readers Choose The 10 Best Albums Of The Year

Robbie Daw | December 13, 2013 5:27 am

Last week we posted our editors’ picks for the Best Albums Of 2013, but the year-end roundups don’t end there! Between November and December, we posted two polls — one asking you to vote for the best LPs released between January and June of this year, and one with a poll for albums released between July and December. We’ve now compiled all the data, read all your comments and put together the 2013 edition of Idolator’s reader picks for the Best Albums Of The Year.

As with many things in life, it’s good to get a second opinion. Interestingly, three of the below albums — Tegan And Sara‘s Heartthrob, Pet Shop BoysElectric and Selena Gomez‘s Stars Dance — where on the Idolator roundup we previously posted. Head below to see all the other albums you chose as your faves from ’13!

10. Paramore, Paramore (797 votes)

paramore self titled cover
Sean says: “The #1 2013 album has to completely be Paramore’s self titled album… The band went through such a loss with significant members leaving the group back in 2010. The album is so complex and different than anything else they’ve done to date. The album is a true masterpiece for the band. The best tracks on the album have to be the NEW dance classic ‘Ain’t it Fun’, the soaring anthem ‘Last Hope’, and 50′s throw-back ‘(One of those) Crazy Girls’.”

9. Tegan And Sara, Heartthrob (1,527 votes)

Tegan and Sara Heartthrob Album Artwork
Says Spargur08: “This album is AMAZING! every song is so good. I’ve been listening to this album since it’s release and it never gets old! Perfect Album.” KW added: “These girls deserve it. They’ve worked so hard for the past decade – look at their evolution in music and writing! They make such inspirational role models – Heartthrob is the perfect example of how pop music doesn’t need to just be about sex or drugs or money or how that boy / girl doesn’t like you anymore. It is, like Sara says, intelligent pop music that catches you off-guard because you would never expect a song with that kind of beat to have such hard-hitting lyrics.”

8. Natalia Kills, Trouble (1,798 votes)

proffesorpop says: “Natalia Kills is quite frankly the most talented female pop star of our generation…..does anyone think it weird that she is popular with a good fan base but her label clearly isn’t promoting???… she writes all her own stuff, creatively directs it all and is stunningly beautiful but above all this album doesn’t have a bad track! love love love it”

7. Pet Shop Boys, Electric (3,729 votes)

pet shop boys electric album cover art
Pat says: “So exciting to listen to. Again and again. And the masterful way the intros build…….singalong stuff too. Perfect yang to Elysium ying. Life affirming.” Tom added: “That IS tough, as I’ve just discovered Rhye’s album, and Cass McCombs is growing on me, but it has to be Pet Shop Boys Electric – what a marvelous set, despite the rather by-numbers Love is a bourgeois construct. Fluorescent is their finest slice of deep electro, while Thursday is old pet shop boys but new and Vocal the very definition of grower.” A final note from Sparky: “The greatest pop act of the last thirty years returns with a stunning album of thrilling beats, melodies and rhythm and which leaves you breathless from the opening beats of the instrumental tour opener Axis, through the hymn Love Is A Bourgeois Construct and the Visage (Fade To Grey) style Flouroscent, the perfect Bruce Springsteen cover for his Magic cut Last To Die to the euphoric finale of Vocal. All this without mentioning the glorious b-sided released both for this album and their 2012 release Elysium and the wonderful Electric tour. Long may they continue to rule!”

6. Justin Timberlake, The 20/20 Experience – 2 Of 2 (3,949 votes)

justin timberlake the 20:20 experience 2 of 2
Editor’s note: Are you people sure you didn’t mistake this for the first 20/20 album?! Because, like…

5. Selena Gomez, Stars Dance (4,213 votes)

Selena Gomez Stars Dance Album Cover
Editor’s note: Selena’s album also our editors’ roundup of the year’s best albums. Idolator’s Mike Wass wrote, “Impressively, there’s no shortage of potential hits on the album. The spooky electro title track would sound great on radio, ‘Birthday’ has been heartily embraced by fans and ‘Like A Champion’ is already being played at major sporting events. Oh, and ‘Undercover’ rhymes ‘sexy machine”’with ‘Hollywood dream’, so you know it’s future cult classic.”

4. Katy Perry, Prism (4,313 votes)

katy perry prism cover artwork
Jamison says: “I’m giving props to GaGa & Katy as well as Ciara and Natalia. Each pop lady put out a great album from their respective niche.”

3. Miley Cyrus, Bangerz (4,525 votes)

miley cyrus bangerz
Editor’s note: Hmm. No comments for this album, but over four thousand votes? More like Cheaterz.

2. Lady Gaga, ARTPOP (5,058 votes)

jtummi says: “From start to finish, Gaga had a vision and then executed on it. ARTPOP is complex and takes a bit of time to fully appreciate. The hooks on this album are endless even if the arrangements are unique, noncommercial and sometimes just bizarre. I also admire that this is undoubtedly Gaga’s product and not anyone else’s. She took a lot of risks on this album when all of her pop contemporaries did the opposite – and I think those risks paid off. Favorites include Sexxx Dreams, G.U.Y., Do What U Want, Mary Jane Holland, Gypsy, MANiCURE, Aura, and Swine.”

1. Britney Spears, Britney Jean (9,780 votes)

Dan says: “It isn’t her best album but it is MY personal favorite. I’ve not heard her voice in it’s rawest form in such a long time… it actually brought tears to my eyes. The change is pace (from Femme Fatale to Britney Jean) is ultimately the reason she gets my vote. And is it weird that I really love her ‘Chillin With You’ track with Jamie Lynn? It’s so awkward and great at the same time. lol” Kyle Claudill says: “Love Miley, Katy, and Lady Gaga but none of their albums were as catchy from start to finish. I don’t care what the critics say.” Janina Grey says: “Not Britney’s best but personally I love it because it has the right balance of club bangers and midtempos… and the album is cohesive in its sound… it may have mixed reactions from critics but I love it and had been streaming it since its release.” Toby says: “Britney Jean is in the lead. this poll has now become invalid.”

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