Beyonce & Drake’s “Mine” Video: Watch The Artistic Clip

Sam Lansky | December 13, 2013 9:06 am

Beyonce‘s out-of-nowhere, how-is-this-even-happening, what-is-air self-titled fifth studio album dropped late last night, and the “visual album” is an actual feast for the senses. Not in a trite way. In a way where you actually feel like you are feasting on the greatness of Beyonce’s artistry. Ugh. It hurts.

Most of the videos are unified by some narrative cohesion, but the clip for sonic standout “Mine,” a moody, spaced-out team-up with Drake produced by his frequent collaborator Noah “40” Shehib, goes in about a dozen different directions; like the song’s production, which gradually transforms from a sentiment-soaked piano ballad into something raw, rhythmic and minimalist, the video is far-reaching in its styles and influences. 

Director Pierre Debusschere gives us classical painting Bey, haunting desert dancing, tribal beach dancing, intercut close footage of Drake and Beyonce’s faces, and a million other things. It’s haunting, artistic and strangely affecting. But then, that was probably Bey’s plan all along, too.

Watch it up top, then catch the “Mine” lyrics over at Direct Lyrics.

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