Beyonce Sells 80K Copies Of ‘Beyonce’ In 3 Hours, Tracking For #1 Album Next Week

Sam Lansky | December 13, 2013 9:56 am

Bow down, bitches. Beyonce dropped her latest album, Surprise! I’m Still Better Than You (just kidding, it’s called Beyonce) last night at 9pm PT exclusively on iTunes — and according to industry sources, she moved an astonishing 80,000+ units of the album in just the three hour sales window before midnight. (Not to be shady, but for a point of comparison, that’s nearly as many copies as Britney Jean sold in its first week.)

Billboard projects that the album will hit #1 on the albums chart next week — and although there’s only three days left in the sales week, it shouldn’t be tough to outsell the other contender, Garth Brooks‘ Blame It All On My Roots: Five Decades Of Influence, which is estimated to shift between 150,000 and 160,000 units.

If nothing else, it’s probably an indication of the changing nature of the promo game: Without any buzz, hype or build-up, the pure social media impact of this unexpected LP dropping after so many months of speculation has been dominating headlines all night and all day — and will probably continue to do so for awhile.

[via Billboard]