Whatcha Say: Beyonce, Britney Spears and Rihanna Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | December 13, 2013 5:30 pm

Merry Beyoncémas, everyone!

It’s hard to believe much of anything happened before King Bey dropped her mystery masterpiece BEYONCÉ today, right? It’s already selling like crazy. Check out our track-by-track review if you haven’t gotten caught up to speed already!

But when Bey wasn’t royally messing up “Best Of” lists everywhere with her bootylicious offering, we were rolling out our own retrospectives — from our Best Albums of ’13 picks, to the Best EPs/Mixtapes of ’13 to the Readers’ Best Of ’13 list. Did your fave make the cut?

As always, you guys had plenty to say about this week’s pop happenings. Check it out below!

:: Leila found Pink‘s response to being an inspiration to Gaga and Miley sort of hypocritical on Pink Shades Miley Cyrus & Lady Gaga: “I Hope I Inspire Women To Put Their Clothes On”: “What a hypocrite, though. Pink has gone naked in a music video, flashed her naked booty, posed in lingerie, and she was in that Lady Marmalade video with Christina Aguilera and Lil’ Kim- a video that’s about the joys of working in the sex industry.”

:: Meanwhile, Shye defended the diva: “Umm…yeah, but when Pink gets naked it’s just for a laughs. In her videos it’s not about being sexy, its about being comfortable and laughing at yourself. Beside Pink, had her moments but none compared to the naked, twerking, and drug referencing infested “music” we listen to now. There is a line and Pink thinks that we have gone way passed it.”

:: Josh had a bone to pick with our inclusion of Selena Gomez on 2013′s Best Albums: Idolator Editors Pick Their Favorite 10: “Selena Gomez? While “Come and Get It” was definite ear candy, I can’t help but feel like her album was an amalgam of everything that’s been on the radio for god know’s how long. Sure, some of it was catchy but utterly forgettable, much like most of mainstream pop’s releases.”

:: When the sales projections for Britney‘s new album came in lower than expected, James L. found a reason on The Numbers Are In: ‘Britney Jean’ Performed Even Worse Than Expected: “Will.I.am Is a black hole from which no talent nor good music can emerge. Working with him was a mistake.”

:: Carlos also admitted that it just wasn’t B-Girl’s best: “I love Britney but c’mon the album was not up to Britney standards. With each album Britney set a higher bar for herself but with Britney Jean I feel like she took 8 steps back. I felt like the bonus tracks were better and much more personal than the actual album tracks (but still lacking from the Britney factor). The one thing that really wowed me from the album were the tracks Alien, Perfume and Passenger. These tracks have much less auto tune than her other songs and you can actually hear her beautiful voice instead of some robot.”

:: Sad was, well, sad to hear about RiRi’s new chart record on Rihanna Ties Michael Jackson’s Hot 100 Record, Thanks To Eminem’s “The Monster”: “I’m usually happy to see people accomplish things, but it’s sad to see the people supporting and encouraging this mean, hateful person. “You deserve it” as if she actually created the songs herself. She’s not a good person, nor is she actually an “artist” so who in their right would admire that? People love to worship status, I suppose.”

:: Elke was also irked: “Shameful say the least – doesn’t write songs, can’t sing to safe her live, what’s with the obsession??? A pretty face? Where is the Real Talent to even put her in the same category with the Greats oh man we have really fallen far far below standards.”

:: When Lea Michele dropped her debut solo single “Cannonball,” MusicManDave was pleasantly surprised on Lea Michele Reveals ‘Louder’ Album Cover & Tracklist, Previews Single “Cannonball”: “I actually like this song. It fits her. Great departure from Glee covers.”

:: And TA kept the praise coming: “Her voice is so powerful and pure! So glad to see her doing music away from the over produced stuff they do on Glee! This lady can sing anything from Broadway to pop to rock without missing beat! Love her!”

:: drew was left speechless when Beysus dropped her LP on Beyonce’s New Album Is On iTunes, Features Collabs With Jay Z, Drake, Frank Ocean & Blue Ivy: “FIST IN MOUTH. Well played, Beyonce.”

:: And ptizzy was sent into a tizzy: “PERFECT ALBUM FROM START TO FINISH. Next Grammys, she will SWEEP.”

:: And finally, Meow had one simple conclusion regarding Beyonce’s visual smorgasbord on
Beyonce Gets Visual: Preview All 17 Of The Diva’s New Videos: “Kelly Rowland is better.”

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