Celebrities, The Hive & Casual Fans React To Beyonce’s Surprise Album

Mike Wass | December 13, 2013 3:25 pm

The internet is still reeling from the unexpected release of Beyonce‘s self-titled fifth album last night (December 12). What started as a ripple of mild confusion swiftly turned into a tidal wave of excitement as fans realized that the news was legit and jumped on Twitter to express their disbelief that the most-anticipated LP in recent memory was finally here.

So what happened? Well, it goes without saying that The Hive was left sobbing and edgeless as Beyonce exceeded everyone’s expectations. The visual album received universal praise — not only from fans but also from celebrities and former Destiny’s Child members. Perhaps the biggest surprise was Katy Perry, who outed herself as a Bey stan and repped hard for the queen. See the best reactions after the jump.

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