Eminem Teases His “Monster” Video: Watch

Christina Lee | December 14, 2013 8:11 am

Eminem revisits both triumphant and uglier moments from his past in a teaser for his “Monster” video. Inside a dark office, he reviews clips from his previous videos, including past depictions of his daughter Hallie and his addiction to prescription pills, plus scenes from the career-defining “Lose Yourself.” Rihanna observes from nearby, as if playing a psychiatrist. Save for ticking from a metronome and a Newton’s table, this scene is quiet.

Outside at a lot littered with empty pill bottles, two gunmen aim their weapons at what appears to be a cage, at something breathing louder and heavier with each passing second.

Based on the teaser, “Monster” (“coming soon”) will likely be a variation of a theme Eminem’s visited throughout his career, as a “Rap God” who introduced protege 50 Cent at a lab facility, then mourned mentor Dr. Dre inside a medical facility. In the past, director Rich Lee has delivered big-budget, action film-inspired videos for some of Em’s biggest arena anthems, “Lighters” (featuring Bruno Mars, as Bad Meets Evil with Royce da 5’9″) and Recovery‘s “Not Afraid.”

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