Beyonce Surprises Walmart Shoppers With Gift Cards

Christina Lee | December 21, 2013 7:53 am

Beyonce, fan of surprises, shocked unsuspecting shoppers at the Tewksbury, Mass., Walmart on Friday, Dec. 20, as she cruised through with a shopping cart, stocked up with a few items and picked up the tab for hundreds of fellow store customers.

Along with a few toys for daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce picked up a physical copy of her new, self-titled album — to some, a sly nod to Walmart competitor Target’s refusal to carry her release, initially an iTunes exclusive.

The unexpected Walmart visit, which took place several hours before her performance at Boston’s TD Garden arena, was her second public appearance this week. (Remember, just a few days ago, she threw an unexpected post-concert album release party at a Dave & Buster’s in Times Square.)

Based on footage, though, she looked to have just as much fun at America’s largest retailer. She browsed the aisles, stopped by a display of her new album, then took to the speaker system to announce that she would pay the first $50 of shopping for everyone in the store. (Her share came via gift card — in total, she gave away 750, or $37,500 worth.)

She was even spotted holding a baby girl, telling her that she is beautiful. In the words of one Hive member: “Beyonce for president.” See her in action after the jump.

[via Us Weekly]