Justin Bieber & Lil Wayne Are Intergalactic Friends In “Backpack” : Hear The ‘Journals’ Collab

Carl Williott | December 23, 2013 6:33 am

Justin Bieber‘s Journals hits iTunes today (December 23), and the first new song from the collection to hit the Web is “Backpack,” his collaboration with Lil Wayne. And, it is not at all what we were expecting. I went into this thinking maybe the title was a reference to backpack rap, or maybe taking someone to school, but, nope! Not even close! It’s about Bieber finding an alien friend and wanting to keep it in his backpack forever.

This is, for real, the opening line: “You said ‘I come in peace,’ so I took you home. I gave you food, and I gave you clothes.” By the time Bieber gets to the chorus, he sings, “Don’t try to find your spaceship / It might be out there waiting /  Stay in my backpack forever,” and then he responds with filtered and pitched up alien vocals, “I can’t stay in your backpack forever.” We have no idea what’s going on here.

Weezy plays an alien, naturally, saying “I’m from a different world, I use Lil Wayne as a disguise,” and it’s the most sensible thing about this. There’s also a hair metal-inspired guitar solo. Hear the “E.T.”-meets-E.T.-meets-Paul jam below.

[via Rap-Up]