Best Music 2013: Cash Cash Reveal Their Favorite Albums Of The Year

Robbie Daw | December 26, 2013 6:43 am

New Jersey dance act Cash Cash had quite a prolific year remixing songs by artists such as Icona PopBruno Mars and Capital Cities, and they even served up their own music, via their Overtime EP. (You may recall that we premiered the trio’s “Take Me Home” lyric video in the summer.) But what of the music the members of Cash Cash had no involvement in, but simply enjoyed? It turns out their were several gems released over the past 12 months that they enjoyed.

We asked the guys which record from the world of dance had them tuning in, and they responded with not one, but three picks. Head below to see what Cash Cash’s Jean Paul Makhlouf had to say about his favorite albums of 2013.

Zedd, Clarity: “Zedd bravely opened up the doors for a lot of new producers, including ourselves. He really took electronic pop music to another level with his songwriting, collaborations and tasteful production. We would be pretentious assholes if we didn’t admit he influenced our sound to some extent.” Favorite track: “Spectrum”

Daft Punk, Random Access Memories: “Daft Punk threw us a curve ball with ‘Random Access Memories’. We thought we were going to get some hyped up hi fi electronic record with wild tracks of the future, but [we] got this chill throw back/disco retro electro album instead. I think it’s exactly what we all needed, to be honest. At first I was like ‘WTF is this?!?’…but after a week I took it all in and truly found it to be an amazing work of art. ‘Get Lucky’ is undeniable and brought some life and soul back to dance music. Again, we would be pretentious idiots if we didn’t admit they influenced our sound.” Favorite track: “Give Life Back To Music”

Krewella, Get Wet: “…for so many reasons. The obvious reason being we produced/co-wrote ‘Live For The Night’ with them and did an official remix for ‘Alive’. The rest of the tracks & collabs are fucking next level! Travis Barker? Absolutely genius the way they worked him into ‘Dancing With The Devil’.” Favorite track: “Live For The Night”

What were your own favorite albums from this year? Let us know below!

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