Best Music 2013: Charli XCX Reveals Her Favorite Mixtape Of The Year

Robbie Daw | December 31, 2013 7:45 am

Throughout December we’ve presented you with something just short of a boatload of artists who clued us in on their favorite albums and songs from the past 12 months. Well, okay — maybe it was more like a raftload. But a large raft. From Tegan And Sara to Cody Simpson to Betty Who to Chvrches and more, these acts all sifted through their own music collection and sussed out the best of the best, just for your reading and viewing pleasure.

So here we are with the final artist in the series, Ms. Charli XCX. She recently made Idolator’s own Best Albums Of 2013 roundup, and as we gear up for the release of her new LP sometime in 2014 (you’ve already had a appetizer, in the form of the lead single “SuperLove”), Charli is here to fill us in on the Swedish rapper that caught her groove this year.

“My favorite record of 2013 was Yung Lean‘s Unknown Death 2002,” Charli tells Idolator. “I just think the music he makes is so fearless and cool. And his lyrics are stupid, but kind of also way next level and clever. Plus all of the videos are amazing.”

So who is this Yung Lean character, you might be asking? Earlier this year, Vice branded him the Weirdest 16-Year-Old White Swedish Rapper You’ll Hear — one who clearly caught True Romance songstress Charli XCX’s ear.

“I just really connected with it,” she says. “My favorite songs [off Yung Lean’s album] are ‘Gatorade’, because the chord progression is so beautiful and weirdly angelic, and ‘Hurt’. I get really amazing pictures in my head when I listen to this record.”

Intrigued, pop fans? If so, you can grab Yung Lean’s Unknown Death 2002 mixtape here. Tell ’em Charli sent you. And for more on her own upcoming album, check out SPIN’s recent interview with the singer.

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