Jay Sean’s “Take That Off” Video Plays Like Bad Sex You’d Rather Never Repeat

Robbie Daw | January 2, 2014 9:33 am

Things seemed so promising for Jay Sean, a truly all around nice guy who scored his first American hit back in 2009 with “Down,” a song that climbed all the way to #1. Unfortunately, Cash Money never really seemed to know what to do with the crooning Brit, and his follow-up LP Freeze Time got scrapped due to some sort of legal drama, leaving an album called Neon to quietly make its way into the world four years after the fact this past summer, only to arrive DOA on the charts. (It’s peak position: #116.) It didn’t help that label mate Drake swooped in and stole all thunder that was to be had by Jay not long after “Down” broke big.

So here we are now with a new song/video called “Take That Off,” off Sean’s new mixtape The Mistress Part 2: Room Service. Nothing about this wannabe-sexy slow jam indicates any new direction for the singer — something he’s desperately in need of if he’s to dig his way out of the swamp of obscurity he’s sadly become mired down in. After all, Miguel, Chris Brown and, yes, Drake already do this “When I  f*** your brains out, it’s gonna be art, baby” schtick much louder and get far more attention for it.

Some advice to Jay Sean: Anything seems to go in music these days, as evidenced by a diverse crop of artists like Beyonce, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Charli XCX, Sky Ferreira, Lorde, Jessie Ware etc. Go have a listen to their albums, aim for something higher and let the over-saturated R&B machismo thing rest in peace back in the land of 2009, where it belongs. What is there really to lose at this point?

[Via Rap-Up.com]

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