Azealia Banks Delays ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ Release Again

Christina Lee | January 3, 2014 10:20 am

Azealia Banks has confirmed that her debut album has been delayed by a few more months. Recently scheduled for a release in January, after initially being set for a fall 2012 release, Broke With Expensive Taste will debut in March. Why? Among other reasons, “the label changed their mind,” she says.

In the process, Banks backed up and elaborated on Twitter comments saying that her delay is due to perfectionism, and from nearly all aspects of her career. Now, nearly a year after her label Interscope insisted that she give up her Twitter password, she says that their relationship is “so good right now.” After a year of collaborating with, then dissing hot-topic artists (Pharrell, Disclosure), she reveals that she’s since teamed with Busta Rhymes for “some fire for the streets” and Ariel Pink for art exclusively for her fans. And months after she posted her Broke tracklist, Banks noted to one fan that she’s been working non-stop since “212,” has recorded 30 new tracks and decided with her label that her first single will be “Chasing Time,” a song that doesn’t appear to be listed.

But while Banks was kind to her fans and her label, she points out that her scrapped Disclosure collaboration, “Bizarra,” still needed work. Now she says that she plans to just scrap the UK dance group’s beat, which “isn’t really that good tbh.”

Compared to other status updates regarding Banks’ debut, that one in particular landed with a thud — and sounds the least promising.

[via Digital Spy]