Happy Birthday, Blue Ivy! The Toddler’s 10 Most Iconic Moments

Mike Wass | January 7, 2014 12:46 pm

Blue Ivy Carter — AKA the most famous toddler on the planet — turns two today (January 7). To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve put together a list of the Jesus Child’s 10 most iconic moments. Which was surprisingly easy because Beyonce and Jay Z‘s progeny has achieved more in her 730 days on the planet than most of us will in a lifetime.

Need receipts? Let’s start with the fact that she was making headlines before she was even born and currently holds the record as the youngest artist to chart on Billboard at less than a day old. The only way someone is going to beat that is by sampling an ultrasound!

But Blue’s influence extends beyond guest features and gossip columns. The future Grammy winner inspired her mom to reach new creative heights on Beyonce by giving her a new perspective on life. So send Blue your gratitude and birthday wishes by revisiting her finest achievements after the jump.

1. She was born

Blue collected wigs with her first breath — instantly becoming America’s new obsession. Having the world’s coolest parents will have that effect.

2. She is a living meme

Jokes about Blue Ivy’s wealth and resemblance to her papa keep Twitter and Tumblr humming. Don’t worry, BIC will have the last laugh when she’s old enough to use social media and posts a pic of herself rolling in hundred dollar bills.

3. She stole Beyonce’s thunder on the set of “Blow”

Bey thought she was fancy with all that glow-in-the-dark make-up on the set of “Blow” until Blue arrived and showed how a true diva rocks neon.

4. She’s the youngest charting artist in musical history

When Jay Z sampled our Blue’s cries on “Glory”, she became the youngest artist to appear on a Billboard chart when the song reached number 23 on the Rap Songs countdown. When will your newborn?

5. This picture got one million likes on Instagram

Forget about Rihanna. The true queen of Instagram is Blue Ivy. The toddler inspired more than one million people to click the like button with this happy snap.

6. She has customized Timberland boots

While you’re rocking the latest K-Mart fashions, BIC is scampering around the Carter compound in customized Timberland boots.

7. She also owns this leather jacket

Blue Ivy’s swag is undeniable. She will be the coolest kid at daycare (ie. Mama Tina’s mansion) in this outfit.

8. She has her own fan army

The two-year-old is so popular in The Hive that she already has her own stans called Blue Birds. And yes, the internet is a weird place.

9. She inspired this stunning artwork

Why isn’t this hanging in The Louvre?

10. She survived this harrowing journey

The world held its collective breath when Bey casually carried the future queen on pop on to her yacht in towering high heels. Happily, the superstar’s grip and balance is superhuman and BIC casually enjoyed a day at sea.

And let’s not forget the mini-diva’s latest achievement. If you weren’t touched by the toddler’s feature on Beyonce highlight “Blue”, your heart probably isn’t beating. Watch a preview of the video below.

What was Blue Ivy’s most iconic moment? Let us know in the comments below.