Future Hit Alert: MAGIC! Deliver Reggae-Tinged Pop Smash “Rude”

Mike Wass | January 8, 2014 3:44 pm

If the performance of MAGIC!‘s debut single “Rude” in Australia and New Zealand is any indication, the single is destined for big things when it gets an inevitable push in the US. Those markets are increasingly viewed as a happy hunting ground for labels (Lorde and Passenger broke big over there months before reaching American airwaves) and this reggae-tinged pop tune is a no-brainer.

So who are these guys? MAGIC! is a side project for Canadian hitmaker Nasri — better known as one half of The Messengers, who crafted hits for Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Iggy Azalea. It turns out his own music sounds like a cross between No Doubt and The Police, which is a very good thing. Get in early and watch their global smash up top.

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