Busta Rhymes Teams Up With Azealia Banks For Unofficial Remix Of Beyonce’s “Partition”: Listen

Mike Wass | January 9, 2014 6:11 pm

Busta Rhymes finally followed through on his promise (threat?) to remix Beyonce‘s semi-pornographic album highlight “Partition” this afternoon (January 9). The involvement of Twitter beef enthusiast Azealia Banks was a surprise, however, and the unofficial overhaul somehow ended up on her SoundCloud.

“Partition” is such a sexy song — with such quotable lyrics — that it’s kind of hard to ruin. Busta begins the remix by expressing his admiration for Beyonce before rapping about receiving a backseat blow job. Fair enough. That’s where Azealia steps in to deliver an unusually demure verse. Take a listen to the sexy romp after the jump.

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