Azealia Banks And Busta Rhymes’ “Partition” Remix Has Been Removed For Copyright Infringement

Mike Wass | January 13, 2014 12:21 pm

Azealia Banks can’t take a break. She’s had more Twitter beefs than hot dinners, is no closer to releasing her debut LP than Blue Ivy and now got a rap across the knuckles from Beyonce‘s legal team for unofficially remixing “Partition”. As with everything in the struggle femcee’s life — this is messy.

The remix was actually announced by Busta Rhymes but eventually appeared on Azealia’s SoundCloud after a minor delay. “They had my partition remix taken down for copyright reasons…..” the hapless rap diva tweeted earlier today (January 13) before adding: “Let the games begin.”

Unofficial remixes are extremely common in the hip-hop world, so this could mean one of two things. Beyonce really hated Azealia and Busta’s version (it was pretty terrible) or Queen Bey has plans to release an officical remix further down the line. Read the femcee’s exasperated tweets after the jump.

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