Egg-Gate: Justin Bieber’s House Raided Over An Egging, His Friend Arrested For Cocaine Possession

Carl Williott | January 14, 2014 12:31 pm

Justin Bieber was detained at his house today (January 14) as 11 cop cars descended on his home to execute a felony search warrant in connection with… vandalism. Bieber’s neighbor claims the star caused $20,000 worth of damage by pelting the home with 20 eggs, which means each egg did $1,000 of damage. That sum sounds a bit lofty, but remember, this person lives next to the Bieber mansion, so those were surely some top notch eggs splattering onto some top notch siding and windows.

So what has this sweep turned up? Well, besides a whole bunch of egg puns on Twitter (e.g. “Will he be eggzonerated?”) and questions about whether maybe some of the 11-deep fuzz cavalry could better serve their community by focusing on non-egging matters, it led to the arrest of Bieber’s friend Lil Za for cocaine possession (video here). Police say the coke was “in plain view” and that Biebs isn’t connected to it.

Who knows how the drugs got into Bieber’s home, or if he even knew Lil Za had it, but the whole thing does bring up some troubling issues.

[via BuzzFeed]