7 Songs That Prove Jennifer Lopez Is Still The “Same Girl” And Realer Than Ever

Mike Wass | January 14, 2014 1:42 pm

Jennifer Lopez is the realest chick in the game. How do I know? Because she keeps reminding us and J Lord never lies. Take her epic new single “Same Girl”. It outlines — in great detail — how the superstar has stayed true to her roots. “I’m tired of tryin’ to make you see that I’m still me,” she laments. Jenny even rides the subway in the video. So real!

Still not convinced? Well, let me hit you with the facts. J Lo has made realness an art form since heating up an internet chatroom in 1999’s “If You Had My Love” video. Who else was authentic enough to call their debut LP On The 6 or release a song called “Jenny From The Block”? Discover seven songs that prove Jennifer is indeed the same girl after the jump.

7. “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” (video)

Key lyric: “Even if you were broke, my love don’t cost a thing!”

Message: Kind gestures trump expensive gifts and fancy jewelry.

6. “I’m Real” (video)

Key lyric: “Cause I’m real!”

Message: She’s real.

5. “Jenny From The Block” (video)

Key lyric: “Nothing phony, don’t hate on me. What you get is what you see!”

Message: Fame hasn’t changed Jennifer. She just has nicer stuff.

4. “I’m Glad” (Audio)

Key lyric: “I’m glad when you walk, you hold my hand.”

Message: It’s the small things in life that matter. Also she still experiences emotions like the rest of us.

3. “Fresh Out The Oven” (Video)

Key lyric: “Love fresh out the oven, straight sugar lovin’!”

Message: The pop diva still knows how an oven works.

2. “Live It Up” (Video)

Key lyric: “Jenny from the block, let’s rock!”

Message: Even the diva’s friends know how real she is.

1. “Hold You Down” (Below)

Key lyric: “Straight from the hood you’ve always been there for me”

Message: J Lo stays loyal to her friends from the Bronx. So much realness.