Kreayshawn Says She Earned One Cent From Her Debut Album

Carl Williott | January 17, 2014 7:58 am

It’s fitting that a week which started with news that Angel Haze‘s Dirty Gold opened with a paltry 1,115 sales, we’re heading into the weekend with news about Kreayshawn‘s low-bar-setting debut flop from 2012. In a game of debut sales limbo, Kreay shows she can go the lowest, claiming (joking?) that Somethin ‘Bout Kreay (which to this day has sold some 4,000 copies) netted her one penny.

The onetime YouTube sensation, who has taken to social media before to make fun of her weak album sales, sent out a tweet Thursday (January 16) saying, “This is my cut I got on my album sales,” accompanied by a photo of a recent PayPal transfer worth $0.01. So when she says “I got all the syrup,” it’s actually not a boast, it’s a cry for help, because syrup is literally the only thing she can afford to eat.

Check out the tweet below.

[via Pop Dust]

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