Lance Bass’ “Walking On Air”: Hear The First Single From His Solo Music Project

Christina Lee | January 20, 2014 9:13 am

Lance Bass has released his first new song in 12 years, “Walking On Air.” While it may be first from a forthcoming solo project, Bass actually teams with several people here: Australian producer-songwriter Anise K (pictured above, with Bass, in the single artwork), rising singer Bella Blue and Snoop Dogg.

The song itself, written by Anise, is a high-octane dance track that was long geared for international appeal: Bella Blue’s voice resembles Rihanna‘s at the hook, where Anise cues sitars and disco strings over the pumping beat. “Cloud nine, in the air,” Snoop actually raps. It was also first released in 2013, in Australia and in Belgium featuring regional pop star Ian Thomas. (Why it’s being re-released in this manner — well, Anise K has explained this before, but we still don’t quite get it.)

In this version, Bass sings with Bella at the hook and contributes his own verse: “Falling lights from the sky, like a showdown / lighting up the night / I’ll be your satellite, take my hand now, ’til the end of time.” He’s still dreaming out outer space, but as he tells E!, who debuted the song, he’s now waiting to see people’s responses before he makes plans to return to the stage. “I have zero plans,” he says. “I’m going to release it and if people love it, hopefully it will climb the charts…I’m just going to play it by ear.”

Bass’ “Walking On Air” debuts on iTunes tomorrow. For now, hear it after the jump.

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