Whatcha Say: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga And The Grammys Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | January 24, 2014 5:30 pm

This was quite a week in pop, wasn’t it? Not quite in the way you might expect: Justin Bieber shook up the scene yesterday with his drag race-related arrest (no, not of the RuPaul variety), which led to some rather inspiring responses on Twitter. And in more bad news, The Wanted announced that they were going their separate ways for an unknown amount of time following their upcoming tour. (Sad!)

Looking ahead, it’s all about The Grammy Awards this Sunday: While last minute performers like Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Madonna (!!!) were still being announced, we put in our predictions for Song Of The Year, Best Song Written for Visual Media and Album Of The Year. Overwhelmed by everything? Just check out viewer’s guide.

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best comments below!

:: sean was not too pleased with One Direction Liam‘s tweet on One Direction’s Liam Payne Unleashes Twitter Rant Directed At Media: “He was completely wrong in his statement. he tweeted support for the family values (racist and homophobic) of willie robertson. when you are a celebrity you need to chose your words carefully. if he was a fan of the show that was all he needed to say. now he puts his own beliefs into question. then instead of going on the attack he should have just sucked it up and took the criticism like a man.”

:: While HenryHewes delivered a civics lesson: “Seems to me that people don’t actually understand the first amendment. This poor little rich kid surely doesn’t. No one has been arrested or criminally punished for their words. However, if you are prepared to speak out about your opinions on an issue, you must be prepared for other people’s freedom to disagree with you. I also enjoy the show, but Phil’s homophobic and racist statements had nothing to do with his constitutional rights being violated. This little boy bander knows he’s in the spotlight. Cash those checks, but deal with the scrutiny. No one is making him live in the spotlight.”

Jay was unsurprised with the news of The Wanted‘s impending break-up on The Wanted To Go On Hiatus After Tour: “I’m not surprised at all about this. they had one hit here in the U.S. their album went really nowhere. they were like the O-Town/LFO/BBMak of this generation except those bands were actually slightly more successful. Not to say the band has absolutely no fans, but their sales speak loudly.”

:: Chris was entirely unpleased the nominees for the Grammys this year on Grammys 2014: Who Will Win Song Of The Year?: “The real question is, why are most of these songs nominated for “Song of the Year”? They are far from the best. The Grammys has zero credibility as it just nominates what or who is popular. A complete joke. As polarizing as Kanye West is, he puts out a masterpiece every time he releases an album — and he knows it. To say that these songs were better than anything on his Yeezus album is beyond me. That’s why no one watches the Grammys. Complete joke.”

:: But BrianSco hit back: “The 2013 Grammy Awards scored a 10.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic, I hardly call that nobody watching it. Plus, people get some upset about the Grammy’s, which just doesn’t make sense. It is a popularity contest, any type of voting contest is. Awards are given out to the best songs out of all the popular ones, that why so many of the artists have Top 40 hits. Kanye’s album was a flop, regardless of it’s critical reception. To award an album that did so poorly, to someone who doesn’t even attend the awards so would make no sense.”

:: Patrick stood in defense of Sara Bareilles on Grammys 2014: Who Will Win Album Of The Year?: “I’m not sure if you bothered to listen to The Blessed Unrest, but it’s a great, cohesive album. It was well-reviewed, and she was far more experimental than “Brave” showed. While I was surprised it got nominated, it certainly deserves it. Flaccid Walmart music? Where do you think Taylor Swift’s fans are purchasing her album? I’m sorry Sara didn’t have a few famous exes/beards to write about.”

:: Mike was a bit creeped out by Kylie’s new cover on Kylie Minogue Unveils The Ravishing Cover Of New Album ‘Kiss Me Once’: “I love Kylie but this looks like a picture of a corpse.”

:: And James agreed; adding: “Totally, agree with Mike; corpse or a wax doll. Not flattering and quite creepy. Whoever thought that this is good should be fired.”

:: blaackeagle drew a comparison between Bieber’s arrest to another pop diva on Here Is Justin Bieber’s Grinning Mugshot, Plus New Arrest Details: “I think he attracts the public attention thus and nothing else because popularity goes down. – Poor boy – ‘Bad Britney’ inspired him to behave like that. – And then…..Oh God, it’s miracle – ‘Bieber’s RETURN’..)) lol. And yes, he and his fan-base annoys everybody.”

:: And drew saw the Biebs’ mugshot and felt inspired: “That would be a great choice for his next album cover.”

:: Elena was simply NOT having it on Pitbull & Jennifer Lopez Team Up For World Cup Theme Song: “Pitbull and Claudia would have been fine but why Lopez? She doesn’t bring anything to the table, Pit is Latino and Claudia is from the host country. The talentless JLo doesn’t belong, I bet she twisted Pitbull’s arm to include her.”

:: drew didn’t think Gaga should give ARTPOP (part one) any more attention on Lady Gaga Eyeing “Gypsy” As Next ‘ARTPOP’ Single?: “‘Gypsy’ is a great song, but I think GaGa really should just keep working on ARTPOP II and try and start this era over…”

:: And finally, Brandon declared the death of ARTPOP: “There is nothing memorable about “Gypsy”. It will do about as well as Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally,” played for a couple of weeks then shelved. I would have picked “G.U.Y. ” The Artpop era is over.”

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