“Everything Is AWESOME!!!” In Tegan And Sara & The Lonely Island’s ‘LEGO Movie’ Track: Listen

Christina Lee | January 24, 2014 8:07 am

Tegan and Sara sing warmly for teamwork. Meanwhile, The Lonely Island rap like The Beastie Boys on behalf of The Nobel Peace Prize, a piece of string, trees, frogs and unemployment. (“More free time for my awesome community”? Well, they do have a point.) At first, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sugary synth rush that is “Everything Is AWESOME!!!,” off The LEGO Movie soundtrack. As the preview hinted, it’s hyper. It’s definitely cheery. But it’s also undeniably catchy, and for adults especially, it can bring a host of other delightful things to mind — Sonic The Hedgehog‘s 16-bit themes and the mental image of children diving into a ball pit, if not Lil B‘s marveling at music, architecture and ants. All three exclamation points are totally justified.

Hear “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” after the jump.

[via Digital Spy]